Thursday, February 24, 2011

A difficult day

Today we have tried to fly the new @Nio's hexacopter.

We have find a good place to serve as our main test airfield, a lot of space, no near obstacles. Perfect conditions: sunny, no wind.

But there is something wrong!. It is impossible to take off with the hexa equilbrated. Radio trim is not enough to compensate the deviation. We try to modify the gyros offsets but with no luck.

It could be:
  • Hardware
    • Front Motor/ESC?
    • APM/IMU Fail?
    • Power distribution not providing enough amp for an ESC peak?

  • Software
    • Any bug in the latest revision of ardupirates hexa code?
    • Incorrect PID settings?

Some pictures:
From spcopter

From spcopter

From spcopter

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!


nio said...

Come guys!!!! Tomorrow will be a better day!!!
Go pirates :), i think that i know what was the problem but in one hour i'll confirm you

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