Saturday, July 30, 2011

SPCopter progress update

A long time since last update... the team has been very busy with our daily jobs... but we have had some time to continue building and improving new models.

#Juanki has build:

  • a hexa with Robbe 2827-35 and 10" props.
  • a Y6 with tiny motors KDA 20-50S and 8" props.
  • a quad with big arducopter motors and 12" props (crash in the first flight.... bad solders)
Introducing the tiny Y6:
With this small Y6 we enjoy doing some tricks: Flying under a bridge:
Flying around a tree:

#Nio has ordered the Y6 frame from rccarbon and plan to mount his MK3538.... We are really excited about this copter... big thrust and redundancy!

I have build also a hexa but with KDA 20-22L and 10" props.  Here are some onboard videos with gopro fixed:

More to come! Stay tuned!